This weekend sees the arrival of a rather nifty-looking adventure film in which a bunch of seasoned spelunkers get trapped inside a subterranean labyrinth of epic proportions. Caves, as we all know from our deepest primal memories, can be deeply creepy places to hang out, but they're also really difficult to light, which is probably why we don't get as many spelunking thrillers as we'd like. Gathered below, however, are a handful of flicks you'll want to avoid next time you delv beneath the surface of the Earth.

'The Descent': Not only should you avoid this badass horror film while you're exploring a cave; you should probably avoid it for the 12 months leading up to your subterranean expedition. This well-regarded shocker (and its half-decent sequel) focuses on a bunch of people (mostly ladies) who head into a deep crevasse and come across some ferocious beasties. In many ways, 'The Descent' is a professional cave explorer's version of 'Jaws.'

'The Cave': If you're still craving some underground carnage, then join Piper Perabo, Cole Hauser, and Lena Headey on an expedition into a massive cave, population: hungry. Although hardly a classic, even by cable-flick monster movie standards, there's still some silly fun to be found here. Or least a lot more than you'll find in the imported knockoff known as 'The Cavern.' Sheesh.
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