Considering his monumental success for nearly four decades running, we're not sure if there's ever a bad time to actually be Stephen King (well, June 19, 1999, maybe), but if you were thinking about jumping into the author's shoes 'Quantum Leap'-style, now is a great time to do so.

Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment are currently gearing up for their groundbreaking, multi-year, multi-format adaptation of 'The Dark Tower'; the De Laurentiis Company is planning to remake 'Firestarter'; Warner Bros. just gave the greenlight to a silver screen adaptation of King's most acclaimed novel, 'The Stand'; and now comes news that Paramount is moving forward with a 'Pet Sematary' remake.
Pet Sematary
In Theaters on April 19th, 1989

A doctor (Dale Midkiff) and his family move to a town near an ancient Indian burial ground. Read More