"He has an anarchist's mentality. He likes to blow up systems," Scott Rudin says about 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo' director David Fincher. THR's recent interview with Fincher confirms the sentiment, giving an overview of the anti-authoritative helmer's climb through the ranks as a commercial and music-video guru -- doing it his way. The interview also brings news that Fincher is angling to get a topless Rooney Mara on the poster for 'Dragon Tattoo.'

"I don't think of myself as difficult," Fincher told THR. "We're expected to do stuff that's awesome. That means we're going to have to push each other." Mara's recent W magazine photo shoot featuring the long-haired girl-next-door as a tattooed, pierced, chopped, bleached and bloodied hacker definitely seemed to push a few buttons.
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