Last night on on Jimmy Fallon Live, Samuel L. Jackson appeared for a round of golf through the studio hallway with Fallon, and he also spilled the beans on some upcoming Marvel movies. First off, he confirmed one-day shoots on both 'Captain America: The First Avenger' and 'Thor,' saying that he's filming a cameo as Nick Fury in which he'll be asking both Captain America and Thor to join the Avengers. He admits he doesn't know if they're using the scenes for an after-credit sequence or not, but it's definitely the first we've heard of him appearing in 'Captain America.'

Jackson also spoke a bit about 'The Avengers,' saying filming begins in April, and that he's about to begin auditioning with a bunch of actresses for the part of "his sidekick" in the film; someone who will be at his side the entire time. No mention of who the character is (he says it's a "new character"), though folks are already buzzing that it's Janet Van Dyne, aka Wasp. Unfortunately no actresses were named. Check out the video after the jump, and offer up your ideas on who this female sidekick is.
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