2011 is off to a stellar start for author Stephen King. The master of the macabre, who survived a near fatal accident a few years ago, has been a hot commodity in Hollywood over the past few weeks. We've brought you news about casting in the highly anticipated adaptation of his "magnum opus," 'The Dark Tower,' news that Warner Bros. and CBS are interested in remaking 'The Stand' and now news that a reimagining of 'Pet Sematary' is in the works. If that's not being on a roll, what is?

As prolific as King is (seriously, check out his bibliography – the man writes a lot), there aren't many properties left in his body of work that haven't been turned into films. King's works have been adapted for both the big and small screen – with some of them ('The Shining') standing as classics, and others ('Graveyard Shift') as forgettable junk. When something like 'The Night Flyer' gets a cinematic version, it's safe to say the cupboard is getting a little bare.

It's not empty, though – there are still some great pieces of fiction in the King library that haven't transitioned from the page to the screen, and with the author still turning out new tales of terror, it seems as though that will be the case for the foreseeable future. With that in mind, we decided to take a look at several pieces of King's work that we'd most like to see on the silver screen.

Hit the jump for our choices, presented in no particular order.