James Van Der Beek is best known these days for inciting Internet meme riots with 'Van Der Memes' and for the iconic role of Dawson in the teen drama 'Dawson's Creek.'

But in 1999, long before 'Friday Night Lights' graced our movie or TV screens, Van Der Beek starred as a backup quarterback in a classic Texas high school football movie called 'Varsity Blues.'

So no, Van Der Beek isn't a "real" football player, but he did play one on the big screen. And, he tells us, he's a huge football fan. Therefore, who better to ask about the upcoming Packers-Steelers showdown than Jonathan "Mox" Moxon himself?

Find out which team Van Der Beek -- whose new film 'The Big Bang,' a mystery thriller co-starring Antonio Banderas, was just purchased by Anchor Bay Films at Sundance -- is rooting for in this Super Bowl, his plans to make his infant daughter into a football fan and how much he loves a good Super Bowl party. Plus, he weighs in on Michelle Williams' Oscar nod and why there can never be a 'Creek' reunion.
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Varsity Blues
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