From ComicsAlliance: We can't help but think that the legendary actor/director Orson Welles, who explored the concept of the truth vs. rumor in 'F Is for Fake,' would love the Internet buzz that he almost made a Batman movie.

The notion of a Batman film directed by the legendary Orson Welles was first popularized by way of a memorable hoax perpetrated by Mark Millar. In a 2003 column for Comic Book Resources, the Ultimates writer put forth a compelling behind-the-scenes narrative detailing the supposed pre-production and eventual abandonment of Welles' Batman project. Many were fooled, but for them and those who weren't, the idea of Orson Welles, in his prime, creating a 1940s-style Batman film is too compelling to ignore.

Among those fascinated with the concept is YouTuber Sirrus79, who compiled and remixed footage and audio from numerous Orson Welles films -- including 'Citizen Kane' -- as well as other period pieces into an extended, trailer-style piece that suggests what Welles' 'The Bat-Man' might have looked and sounded like in an alternate reality where it really happened.