I'm not sure what's more of a shame: That Gregory Peck never got a chance to play Superman, or that Superman never got a chance to play Gregory Peck. I'm sure that Henry Cavill will do the Man of Steel justice in Zack Snyder's not-at-all superfluous reboot of the American icon (wherein Clark Kent's alter-ego will be faster than a speeding bullet, and then slower than a speeding bullet but then faster than a speeding bullet again!) but I happened to be watching 'To Kill a Mockingbird' when the news of his casting hit, and it struck me that no amount of speed-ramped spandex could possibly eclipse the heroism embodied by Peck's timeless portrayal of Atticus Finch.

Harper Lee's lionhearted lawyer is made of words so stoically noble and valiant that Charlie Sheen could drop them in a stump speech and get elected president of the P.T.A. -- he's a
man presented to us through the eyes of his young star-struck daughter (a fact seemingly lost upon those who fault the film for its naivete), and so Atticus appears to be such a solid tower of moral authority that a lesser actor might have been devoured by his domineering decency. But not Gregory Peck -- Gregory Peck made Atticus Finch seem possible.
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