There are so many reasons to love Minka Kelly, who's currently starring in the psycho-thriller 'The Roommate.' And none of those reasons have to do with an uber-sexy title from a men's magazine, who she's engaged to or the latest rumor fabricated by a gossipmonger.

They're more along the lines of how gracious she is, her fearless, thrill-seeking attitude and her sheer ambition. Above anything, however, we adore the lovely young star because she can act -- her breakout role as Lyla on NBC's 'Friday Night Lights' was once deemed 'heartbreaking' by The New York Times.

We recently spoke with Kelly about 'The Roommate,' in which she plays a college student stalked by an obsessed friend (Leighton Meester). During the chat, she revealed which crazy moments to look out for in the movie, which legendary mega-star she'd love to work with, what kind of role she'd like to play (listen up, Wonder Woman fans), her idea of the perfect Valentine's Day and a few other surprising tidbits about herself.
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