As anyone who follows my feverish rantings on Twitter can tell you, I was really angry about 12 hours ago. Angry, infuriated, livid, and prepared to rant till my fingers broke off. But it's never good to try and make a point when one is angry, so let's start with a small handful of facts.

1. The new "thriller" known as 'The Roommate' was given a PG-13 rating for "violence and menace, sexual content, some language, and teen partying." (I will not editorialize on the intentionally vague and moronic terms used here because this is the "facts" section.)

2. The MPAA's PG-13 rating is not an "enforced" one, which means that if two seven-year-olds ask for a ticket to the R-rated 'Kick-Ass,' they shall should be denied admission, but if they ask for tickets to see the PG-13 'The Roommate,' they're always allowed in. (Again: the PG-13 is an "advisory" rating, not an enforced one.)

3. The PG-13-rated 'The Roommate' features a scene in which a plainly psycho woman sticks a plainly helpless kitten into a plainly deadly clothes dryer and kills it. (The films that 'The Roommate' steals the most from, 'Fatal Attraction' and 'Single White Female,' also have animals killed as part of their plot. Those films are both rated R.)

4. The MPAA ratings board is clearly more worried about the evils of "teen partying" than they are in the obviously more hateful act of "animal cruelty." What does it say about a ratings board that cares more about mild profanity than it does in the (easily copiable) act of jamming a cat into a dryer?
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