Do you hear that? It's not the sound of people shoveling out their cars on the East Coast or Chicagoans trudging through this week's snowpocalypse. What you hear is everyone bailing on the chances of 'The Social Network' being the big winner at the Oscars and resigning themselves to the perceived inevitability that 'The King's Speech' is now the front-runner. That was something I believed walking out of its premiere screening at Toronto fest last September. Before the onslaught of critic's awards that had 'Social' outpacing every other film by at least 2 to 1 (and for most of the season 3 to 1), yours truly was being shouted down on 'Speech.'

Even I, however, was quick to change my tune as 'Social' seemed poised to roll its way to Oscar glory. But now the story has changed again. Thanks to the Guilds, we now must look to the numbers to see if the accidental billionaires still have a chance.
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