When we first began reporting the rumored list of actresses auditioning for the part of Lois Lane, we told you that we had heard differently -- that this 'Superman' story would not include the same old Clark Kent–and–Lois Lane melodrama. So while we continued to report the Lois Lane rumors, we knew something was off. Case in point: According to Variety, Lois Lane isn't going to be the female lead in Zack Snyder's upcoming 'Superman' movie, due out in the latter part of 2012. No one knows what character the female lead is, exactly, but word has it Rosamund Pike, Alice Eve and Diane Kruger (pictured above) are all trying out for the part.

This doesn't mean Lois Lane won't factor into the film in some way. If the earlier rumors were correct, and this film will have Clark Kent traveling around trying to "find himself," then there very well could be a new female introduced to the mix. But everyone knows how popular Lois Lane is to the Superman mythology, so we're sure the film won't cut her out completely.

Meanwhile, the hunt is also on for the film's villain. No word on whether we'll see yet another Lex Luthor storyline, though we would expect some bigger things, like maybe the inclusion of Doomsday (which is a character we've heard some whispering about). With production set to begin this summer, expect a lot more Man of Steel news to hit in the coming weeks.
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