This week's 'Saturday Night Live' started off in a big way featuring a long overdue 'Wayne's World' reunion between Wayne (Mike Myers) and Garth (Dana Carvey, who was also hosting). The boys were up to their old tricks during the show's cold open, using their time back together to make some pretty hilarious Oscar predictions.

Watch as Wayne and Garth repeatedly promote 'Winter's Bone' (because it's got the word "bone" in its title), kiss up to Anne Hathaway, and go over the Best Picture nominees like '127 Hours' ("That was some good armless fun"), 'Toy Story 3' ("I can't believe a teenage boy doesn't want to play with his woody anymore"), 'True Grit' ("I think it was my favorite cycloptic performance of the year") and more.

Check out the 'Wayne's World' reunion after the jump, as well as a hilarious spoof on 'The Roommate' featuring Andy Samberg and Justin Bieber.
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