'Four Lions,' British director Chris Morris's (whom some may recognize as Denholm from 'The IT Crowd') extremely dark comedy about a U.K. terrorist sleeper cell's attempts to activate, was one of Cinematical's favorite films of 2010. In fact, we made it official when we voted internally at the end of the year and 'Four Lions' ended up in our collective Top 10. It also took the top spot in John Gholson's list of 2010's Best Comedies. So, yeah, we're pretty big 'Four Lions' fans around these parts.

That's why we're thrilled to present the online unveiling of the Blu-ray and DVD cover art and street date for 'Four Lions,' which arrives stateside thanks to Alamo Drafthouse Films. As for the date, you can take the laughs home on March 8, 2011. And as for the cover art, well, you'll have to hop below to check those, as well as the press release and product specs, out in full.
Four Lions
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Bumbling jihadists try to carry out acts of terrorism in England. Read More