On Friday we posted a fantastic, 14-part, fan-made 'Star Wars' documentary called 'Star Wars Begins' that combs through the first 'Star Wars' film with an absurd attention to detail, breaking down and reconstructing scenes, while sprinkling in audio quotes from several people involved behind the scenes and in front of the camera. The doc, which may be better defined as a commentary or fan edit than a straight-up documentary, also brings to the table a number of extremely rare nuggets (like concept art and the original, silent, black-and-white cut of 'Star Wars') that are sure to transfix even the most casual Star Wars fan.

Readers immediately fell in love with 'Star Wars Begins' after we covered it, so we thought it might be fun to have a brief chat with the creator, Jamie Benning, an editor and family man from London, England. We (Scott Weinberg and myself) tossed Jamie a few questions about the doc, which was pieced together using more than 150 different sources, and then asked him to give us a list of 10 things people still might not know about Star Wars after all these years.

Cinematical: With all the different 'Star Wars' docs and fan docs available, what made you decide to add to the pile? Was there something you wanted to include that no one else had done?

Jamie Benning: I started doing these fan documentaries back in 2005, before there was a plethora of fan edits, but I only just got around to finishing off the trilogy. I felt there was a gap that hadn't been filled by official or unofficial releases -- a feature-length audio and video commentary detailing the making of the film.