Fans looking for big reveals during last night's Super Bowl movie trailers didn't get too much to digest, though there were some little pieces of coolness sprinkled throughout the trailers for 'Super 8' and 'Captain America: The First Avenger.' Anyone who's a fan of J.J. Abrams knows the guy loves to hide viral nuggets in everything he churns out. The man is a true geek who understands what gets other geeks excited, and so he often goes to great lengths to make his "reveal process" as fun and fresh as the film itself.

So, naturally, folks immediately began slowing down the 'Super 8' Super Bowl trailer to see what they could find. There's one image in particular that looks like the giant nasty jaw of a creature, possibly with something tied around its body. It's presented to us from the perspective of a Super 8 camera, which is what the main characters are using when they apparently stumble upon the train accident that sets the entire film in motion. The kids are shooting a homemade zombie movie at the time, and if this fuzzy image is what we think it is, this creature definitely looks like the type that needs an entire army to contain it.

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Super 8
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