Two new rumors surfaced this weekend regarding the casting of two (potentially) major roles in Warner Bros. / DC Comics' next bids for superhero-box-office dollars. As is always the case with long-lead rumors like this, either tidbit could be completely false or wind up being a mammoth spoiler, so keep that in mind as you read.

The first rumor concerns the casting of a major female role in the Zack Snyder–directed 'Man of Steel,' and it comes to us by way of Latino Review. Their "most trusted reliable source" tells them a few things: A) Contrary to rumors that surfaced last week, Lois Lane will absolutely be in the film, and B) the big baddie this time around is actually going to be a villainess from Krypton named URSA. It is this role for which Alice Eve, Diane Kruger and Rosamund Pike are being considered.

So, who is URSA? As you'll recall from the first two 'Superman' movies, she's one of the three Kryptonians banished to the Phantom Zone by Supes' father, Jor-El. In the past she's always played a distant second fiddle to General Zod, but considering Snyder has said he doesn't plan on the latter being in the film, that hopefully means fans will finally see a shake-up as far as on-screen Man of Steel villains go. As for Batman, his rumor requires an even larger grain of salt than normal.

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