''Just Go With It'' co-stars Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston stopped by our studio to talk about their new comedy. And for those of you wondering whether or not to check out the movie, Aniston runs down her five reasons to watch the film in 30 seconds or less, to which Sandler adds his own motivation: Aniston in a bikini.

The chemistry between the flirty duo is unmistakable, as they meander their way from one comical topic to another, including the last time Jen vomited, Adam's strange plastic surgery desire and his hilarious retelling of a fan encounter in a public bathroom.

Sandler, however, is not the only comedian in the room. Aniston holds her own, bringing the laughs with her "best" accent demonstration and playing the straight man in Sandler's bizarre romantic weekend scenario -- something that sounds more like a hospital stay than a beach getaway.

Check out the always-entertaining ''Just Go With It'' stars Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston in our latest Unscripted interview.
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