During a one-hour live chat with MTV, Kevin Smith touched upon a number of different topics -- from the 'Red State' reception to his recently-announced distribution plans to his final directorial effort, 'Hit Somebody.'

One of the most interesting parts for fans of Kevin Smith was that the writer/director/performer says he plans to bring back everyone he's ever worked with for his hockey flick 'Hit Somebody.' "It's my 'Muppet Movie,'" he told MTV. Smith didn't confirm which actors and actresses would be reprising roles from earlier films of his, but he did say that he'll be doing some work in Boston and will try to convince both Ben Affleck and Matt Damon to appear in the film in some capacity. If they sign on, they'll join 'Red State' actors Kyle Gallner, Michael Angarano, Michael Parks, Nicholas Braun, and hopefully Jay and Silent Bob in the film.

Speaking about 'Hit Somebody," which Smith says will be the last film he directs (though he's more than happy to continue writing, mentioning the possibility of a 'Ranger Danger' movie), he calls it his "love letter to Canada," and admits he's halfway through the screenplay and it's already at 110 pages. Based on the song by Warren Zevon, 'Hit Somebody' is set between the years of 1950 and 1980, and it will follow a kid who's not that good at hockey, but finds his dreams coming true when he finally gets his shot at the big time. "It's about what happens when your dreams come true -- kind of a meditation on that," Smith said.
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