Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are together again in 'Paul,' a sci-fi comedy that finds the 'Shaun of the Dead' and 'Hot Fuzz' stars reuniting to go on a road trip to Comic-Con. Their lives are (flip) turned upside-down when they pick up an escaped alien (voiced by Seth Rogen) outside of Area 51. The film just had its U.K. premiere, and some early reviews are turning up online. What's the consensus on 'Paul' so far? Read on for some choice quotes.

THR has the most positive review of the film to date, with critic Ray Bennett heaping lavish amounts of praise on Pegg, Frost and director Greg Mottola:

With great gags, lots of clever little moments and a winning, almost-human story at the center to leaven the big action sequences, the film should please devoted fans of the genre with its savvy attention to detail. But also it should appeal to those who generally can take or the leave the genre, which it treats with cheerful disrespect. Box-office riches lie in wait, as it is exactly the kind of film that fans will want to see more than once.

Bennett goes on to add that the film is so laden with references and in-jokes that anyone who spots them all is deserving of an award. This is just the kind of thing that should appeal to the target audience of the film (sci-fi and comic geeks), so it seems like the film hits the mark.

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