Today is a special someone's birthday -- Special K's birthday, to be exact. Back when he was just 24 years old, we saw Seth Green take being a wigger to the extreme when he played Kenny Fischer in 'Can't Hardly Wait.' With his trusty lackeys by his side, Kenny, as his alter ego Special K, barges into a graduation party with one thing in mind: sex. Whether you're ridiculously stoned or allergic to dancing, you're on Kenny's radar.

In honor of Green's 37th birthday, we're dedicating this week's Scenes We Love to one of our favorite Seth Green characters, that very Kenny Fischer. Even better? The scene we're going with from 'Can't Hardly Wait' is the epitome of typical Special K behavior. After his sexual ray of light finally arrives in the form of a party-goer who just split from her boyfriend, Kenny decides he must dip into his "love kit" to ensure he's fully prepared. He heads to the bathroom and, to the tune of RUN-DMC's "It's Tricky," preps for the magical night he's been dreaming of.
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