Gangsta rap was born in the inner city -- the kids who've had it rough, raging out with aggressive rhymes about gangs, violence, drugs, women and more. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that Tom Hanks' son Chet is the new kid gangsta rapper on the block.

As Lunch Break laid out last month, the young Hanks has remade himself into Chet Haze, a dude who drops a rhyme or two between classes at Northwestern University. And earlier this month, Haze added a freestyle music video to the mix.

Man, that kid has it rough. His 2010 freestyle is rife with his oppression as he drops "What you talkin' 'bout, Willis?", glocks on the Boardwalk while getting beat down like Rodney King. And here we thought it would be awesome to be a Hanks.
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