We're back in our time machine with the broken dial, and this time we land in 1993.

What Was the Story?

Bill Clinton began his presidency, and Monica Lewinsky had yet to be hired as a White House intern. The internet was just a few years away, and things were looking pretty good... mostly. Janet Reno was selected as Attorney General, thereby insuring many hours of spoofing on 'Saturday Night Live' (the cast of which included Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, Mike Myers, David Spade and Chris Rock). Hellboy made his comics debut, and people were reading "The Client," by John Grisham, "Nightmares and Dreamscapes" by Stephen King, "Vanished" by Danielle Steele, "Trainspotting" by Irvine Welsh, and -- heaven help us -- "Slow Waltz in Cedar Bend" by Robert James Waller. On TV, there was a new show called 'The X-Files' and Conan O'Brien started his "Late Night" stint.