Yesterday was Seth Green's 37th birthday. Yep, the redhead whom we've known since childhood is approaching the big 4-0. That fact surprised us as much as anyone, so we decided to look back at Green's long career. That's when we saw his credits and remembered, Wow, 'Can't Hardly Wait' was awesome.

The 1998 teen comedy -- an homage to 1980s film romps -- is about a group of graduating high school seniors and their last night to party together before splitting up for college. While largely overlooked during its release, 'Can't Hardly Wait' has developed a rabid cult following and propelled a number of young actors into successful careers.

To celebrate all things Seth Green during his birthday week, Moviefone takes a look at where he and the rest of the cast of 'Can't Hardly Wait' are today.
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Can't Hardly Wait
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School's out, and an entire graduating class -- from football stars and cool girls to complete nerds... Read More