Oh, MPAA, can't you go at least one month without making a fool of yourself somehow? It's stories like this that make sure no one takes anything you say or do seriously.

The MPAA has threatened to chop off Google's Internet access. Yes, you read that correctly. TorrentFreak has the in-depth explanation of the MPAA's latest facepalm, but here's the short version:

Every month the MPAA sends out wave after wave of copyright infringement notices to people accused of having illegally downloaded a movie. In practice, these are simple intimidation tactics notifying the accused that they were caught downloading a certain film and that, basically, unless they stop, the MPAA will make sure the criminal's ISP disconnects them from the Internet. And if you're Joe Schmo sailing the high seas of movie piracy, such warnings might make you reconsider whether or not a free copy of 'The Expendables' really is worth it.