The news that Cameron Crowe is back in action on the set of a movie made us happier than Spicoli eating pizza in class. Throw in that the director sent lead actor Matt Damon a mix CD to play while reading the initial script, and we have high hopes that 'We Bought a Zoo' might be another Crowe classic.

Music is a main character in Crowe's best films, and that was never more evident than in 2000's 'Almost Famous' (a tricked-out "director's cut" version of which has recently been released on Blu-ray). Next month, we'll be counting down a list of the best music scenes in movies (check back in March!), and that film's legendary 'Tiny Dancer' sing-along charts very high, as does the boombox serenade from 'Say Anything ...' So, we naturally jumped at an offer to interview Crowe, via email, about how he harnesses the power of music in his films.

And we're so glad we did, because now we can always say that Cameron Crowe emailed us from a Home Depot. Here's how he prefaced his reply to our questions:

Thanks, and I'm honored! Writing you now from the set of our new movie 'We Bought A Zoo' ... having fun, shooting a scene today at a Home Depot in Thousand Oaks. I am surrounded with wood, and batteries. Hope this translates to some smokin' answers to your fine questions ...

Read on for the full interview, including anecdotes about the unforgettable scenes involving 'Tiny Dancer' and 'In Your Eyes.' And keep refreshing your browsers in March for our list of the 50 best music scenes in movie history.
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