Update: Anne Thompson, who's known Finke for years, says this is not her. Oh well, the hunt for Finke's face continues! Read the original story below.

Ever since news broke that a photo of elusive Hollywood reporter Nikki Finke (she of Deadline.com) may have finally been obtained by The Daily, her enemies (which include The Wrap and pretty much every human being living and breathing in Los Angeles) went absolutely bonkers. See, Finke has made a name for herself over the past few years as not only being one of the most ruthless and nasty (albeit successful) reporters in the business, but she's also never actually been seen.

Unlike practically everyone else who works in Hollywood, Finke is a rare breed who reportedly doesn't leave her house, yet somehow gets sick every other week. One black-and-white photo of her exists and that's it. Folks are so hot to see what this woman looks like that Gawker once offered $1,000 for a recent photo. We don't blame Finke for keeping her face a secret, especially since she's made so many enemies on her way to the top, but when someone so high-profile is so desperate not to have her image out there, you can't help but take a peek when someone claims to have snapped a photo of her (possibly).

The Daily is doing just that today, publishing the photo people have been talking about all week. In it we see a regular-looking woman (who kinda resembles the existing pic of Finke) behind the wheel of a car. Yup. That's it. Unfortunately, if this is Nikki Finke, then she's not actually a wicked witch or the real-life Gollum, as we had all hoped and somewhat expected.