When a remake of the classic '80s fantasy film 'Red Sonja' was first announced, Robert Rodriguez was onboard as a producer and it was to star Rose McGowan. That version of the project fizzled out about a year ago, however, as rights-holder Nu Image decided to focus all its efforts on a reboot of 'Conan the Barbarian' instead. Now that the latter is more or less in the can and on track for a fall release, the studio is looking at reviving the chainmail bikini-clad warrior once again and Empire was able to score details about their plans.

Nu Image honcho Avi Lerner told the outlet that the studio's current production slate sees 'Red Sonja' going before cameras next, followed shortly by the already greenlit 'Conan 2.' 'Con Air' director Simon West is settled into the director's chair, though the title role hasn't been cast -- at least not officially. Lerner has already picked out who he wants for the role, however: Amber Heard.
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