Last week saw the announcement of the bulk of the 130+ feature films programmed for SXSW's 2011 Film Festival, but one crucial component was missing: The SXSW Midnight and SXFantastic slates. So if your favorite parts of a film festival are the bold, brash and bloody movies that tend to only play after the sun has gone down and you happen to be heading to Austin this March 11th, it looks like SXSW has a nice variety of twisted delights in store.

You can find the full lineup as well as SXSW's Short Films slate below, but as far as the darker films go, here's what we're looking forward to the most:

'The Divide', a post-apocalyptic genre bender that finds a group of apartment tenants taking refuge in their building's bomb shelter of a basement immediately after a brilliant yellow flash levels their city's skyline. From 'Frontiere(s)' director Xavier Gens, so you know it'll be pretty out there. Check out the impressive teaser trailer for it: