It's one of those books that should've been adapted awhile ago, but it looks like Hollywood is just getting around to turning 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' into a major feature film. The folks over at Summit Entertainment have wisely picked up the film rights to the book, and assigned Logan Lerman (aka the boy who was almost Spider-Man) and Emma Watson (hot off her seven-film stint in the 'Harry Potter' movies) the task of bringing the coming-of-age book to life on screen.

We haven't read 'Wallflower' in awhile, but we remember two things about it: 1. There was lots of crying on the part of the main character, Charlie, and 2. It was really, really good. Lerman will play 15-year-old Charlie, a naive outsider who's stuck in that time between being a kid and learning to become an adult. Naturally there's tons of romantic awkwardness (cue Watson) and some pretty heavy emotional heartache to overcome (Charlie must deal with the suicide of his best friend throughout), but author Stephen Chbosky -- who's been tasked with writing and directing the film -- pulls it all off beautifully.
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