Ever since Stephen Spielberg's 'Jaws' burst into theaters back in 1975, Hollywood has viewed summer as blockbuster season. That sweltering stretch from June through September has become the place for big-budget flicks with broad appeal, and the legacy endured to this day. The only real change to the whole "summer blockbuster" paradigm has been that "summer" now apparently starts in April.

Adding an entire extra month (or two) to the schedule has allowed studios to cram in more movies designed to lure bored teenagers and families on vacation into the theater. However, 2011's season is so packed with pictures that some pundits are worrying that this could be the year where box office gridlock has an adverse effect on the bottom line.
Fast Five
Based on 29 critics

Brian O'Conner and Dom Torretto join forces to confront a corrupt businessman who wants them dead. Read More

Super 8
Based on 41 critics

Disappearances and other inexplicable events follow a devastating train crash in 1979 Ohio. Read More

X-Men: First Class
Based on 38 critics

Mutants Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr begin as friends, but a situation tears them apart. Read More

Cowboys & Aliens
Based on 41 critics

An amnesiac gunslinger is a frontier town's only hope against extraterrestrial invaders. Read More

Based on 40 critics

After his reckless actions reignite an ancient war, the Norse god is banished to Earth. Read More

Captain America: The First Avenger
Based on 43 critics

An experimental program turns Steve Rogers into the supersoldier known as Captain America. Read More

Green Lantern
Based on 39 critics

A test pilot joins a band of warriors sworn to preserve intergalactic peace and justice. Read More