The Internet has been buzzing with the release of 'Throwdown,' the latest commercial from Nike, promoting their Nike Free line of shoes. Featuring a roster of athletes challenging each other in a cross-country game of "top that!", the clip features some impressive, non-CGI enhanced displays of physical talent. But one of the more interesting aspects of this new commercial is that it's directed by Jake Scott, the man who made this past fall's 'Welcome to the Rileys' (who just also happens to be the son of Ridley).

Plenty of movie directors have made commercials before, but Nike always seems to get something extra special out of filmmakers they work with. With limited running times, they are able to produce a high volume of visually-exciting and genuinely-creative segments that grab your attention and make you forget that you're watching an ad for shoes. With 'Throwdown' being only the latest example, we thought we'd take a look at our favorite Nike commercials made by famous directors.
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