Jennifer Lawrence, who received an Oscar nomination for Best Actress for 'Winter's Bone,' is in negotiations to star in Oliver Stone's adaptation of Don Winslow's best-selling novel 'Savages.' The story revolves around three friends ala 'Jules and Jim' -- two best friend pot growers/sellers in Laguna Beach, CA, and O, the wild child girlfriend they share. When a drug cartel tries to muscle into their business, O is kidnapped and the pair hatch a complex plot to get her back. According to Deadline, Stone has been meeting with top actors to play the two leads, a list that includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Aaron Johnson, Tom Hardy, James Franco and 'Tron Legacy's' Garrett Hedlund; Benicio Del Toro is being looked at for the role of the Mexican drug cartel enforcer. Shooting will begin in June.

It's about time -- someone is planning a biopic of 20th century scientist, philosopher, humanist and mind-bending thinker Albert Einstein -- and that someone is director Wayne Wang ('The Joy Luck Club') -- along with screenwriter Ron Bass ('Rain Man'). The project, being developed by Hollywood Films International and tentatively titled 'Einstein,' was announced at the Berlin International Film Festival. [The Hollywood Reporter]
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