When we talk rom-coms, the same flicks are mentioned over and over and over again. We hear about 'Annie Hall' and 'When Harry Met Sally.' Fans gush over 'Sleepless in Seattle,' squeal about 'The Proposal' and replay 'Pretty Woman' until the disc bleeds. But there's a great world of romance lingering just under the surface of popularity, if you rip the Julia Robertses, Diane Keatons, Meg Ryans and Sandra Bullocks away.

Have you ever watched Rosanna Arquette swoon for a young Eric Roberts? A clean Charlie Sheen fall for the youthful wiles of Kerri Green? Diane Lane fall for a smart French boy? Reese Witherspoon and Paul Rudd take a road trip together? Philip Seymour Hoffman toy with Hope Davis' feelings?

What follows are 10 romantic comedies you've probably never heard of, but that deserve your attention anyway. As you curl up with your honey this Valentine's Day, why not give those classics a rest and try something different?
A Little Romance
In Theaters on April 27th, 1979

An elderly con artist joins two adolescent runaways on a mad dash across Europe. Read More

Nobody's Fool
In Theaters on November 7th, 1986

Cocktail waitress (Rosanna Arquette) falls for troupe technician (Eric Roberts) passing through. Read More

Three for the Road
In Theaters on April 10th, 1987

Aide (Charlie Sheen) and buddy (Alan Ruck) escort senator's wild daughter (Kerri Green). Read More

Kissing Jessica Stein
Based on 36 critics

A woman (Jennifer Westfeldt) becomes intimate with another woman (Heather Juergensen). Read More

Overnight Delivery
In Theaters on January 1st, 1996

Believing his girlfriend is untrue, a fool mails her photos of himself with a stripper. Read More

Roger Dodger
Based on 33 critics

A chauvinistic man (Campbell Scott) and his nephew (Jesse Eisenberg) try to meet women. Read More

Party Girl
Based on 16 critics

A wild New Yorker (Parker Posey) finds her niche as a library clerk and fancies a falafel-stand guy. Read More

Saving Face
Based on 28 critics

A closeted lesbian (Michelle Krusiec) and her mother (Joan Chen) harbor secret loves. Read More

Based on 18 critics

A woman and her two lovers all move in together because she cannot decide between them. Read More

Next Stop, Wonderland
Based on 19 critics

A Boston nurse (Hope Davis) finally meets a decent man (Alan Gelfant). Read More

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