The band Arcade Fire received a huge boost last night when they won Best Album at this year's Grammy Awards. It was a nice piece of recognition for a band that's been steadily gaining momentum (and a heckuva lot of fans) over the past couple years, and we're sure it will turn a lot more people on to their winning album, 'The Suburbs.' What some of you may not know, however, is that Arcade Fire recently teamed up with Spike Jonze for another collaboration (remember their work on 'Where the Wild Things Are'?), only this time it's a short film based on the Grammy-winning album called 'Scenes From the Suburbs.'

At 28 minutes long, we've already seen pieces of the short film mixed into the music video for the title track, and now we're beginning to get a sense as to when we'll be able to see the entire thing. Those attending the Berlin Film Festival will get the first taste when it premieres there this week. The short will then arrive stateside at the SXSW Film Festival next March, before being included in a special edition re-release of 'The Suburbs' this May, according to The Guardian (via The Playlist).

The film's synopsis included in the Berlinale festival program doesn't reveal much, though it does tell us to expect your typical suburban angst, anger, inhibition and innocence.
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