One of the big divides you often hear about in the "print vs. online" debate is that of simple professionalism: grammar, punctuation, proper spelling, research ... these are the things that a "true writer," regardless of medium, will focus on. Well, the consistently outspoken Oscar winner known as Whoopi Goldberg has now accused The New York Times of blowing it, as far as entertainment journalism is concerned.

The fracas began with this article in yesterday's Times, and it's clear that authors Manohla Dargis and A.O. Scott were making points about the black actors who've received Oscar attention since Denzel Washington and Halle Berry won theirs in 2002. The article never asserts that "only seven black actors have ever won an Oscar" (the actual number is 13), but that's how Whoopi interpreted it -- and she was not too happy about it. (Video from 'The View' after the jump.)

So, while Ms. Goldberg has a legitimate gripe (how tough would it have been to mention the six other actors?), this is not a case of poor research or a dumb mistake on the part of Ms. Dargis and Mr. Scott.