The official word just came across from The Hollywood Reporter, but we got the scoop on a fun story a little early, and here's why: Our pals from 'Best Worst Movie' have teamed up with the Alamo Drafthouse's Zack Carlson and Bryan Connolly ... and they're going to make a horror comedy called 'Destroy.' It's got (non-)vampires and elderly people and, well, let's just let Michael Stephenson (director and star of 'Best Worst Movie') and Zack explain this one.

Cinematical: Give us a brief-run down on what the flick is about, and tell us something especially unique that you won't tell other interviewers!

Zack Carlson: It's a dark comedy about a would-be vampire hunter named Steve Howard. He's really very good at what he does, but there's this one problem: vampires don't exist. So this well-intentioned schlub from New Jersey is traveling through Eastern Europe killing old men asleep in their beds, when he truly believes he's saving the world from monsters. There's a lot more to it ... he basically convinces this local woman that there's a supernatural threat and she becomes his assistant, ultimately helping him kill adorable grandpas. Various other characters end up colliding over all of this, and some of them end up with a stake in their chest. It's really primarily a comedy of errors, just with a lot of innocent blood splattered all over it.

But even though the protagonist is basically a rampaging murderer, he's still sympathetic due to the purity and delusional nobility of his "quest." He just wants to do what's right. We actually named the character Steve after my dad, because they're both likable, nice guys and incredibly devoted to doing things properly, but kinda just screw 'em up. I'm not spreading this around much as I don't want to hurt my pop's feelings, but it's a fact. At least my dad doesn't kill people, to my knowledge.