Christopher Nolan's sci-fi crime thriller/best use of a spinning top film 'Inception' won't win the most Oscars in a few weeks, but stands as 2010's most commercially succesful hallucinogenic head trip. The film, revolving around a group of thieves able to enter the dreams of others to steal their ideas, tapped into the country's collective (sub)consciousness and accomplished a rare feat for a blockbuster: making people think.

If you liked 'Inception,' you might like 'Pink Floyd The Wall,' the 1982 film that remains one of the decade's trippiest mindscrews.
Last Year at Marienbad
Not Yet Rated1961
In Theaters on June 25th, 1961

Man X (Giorgio Albertazzi) meets woman A (Delphine Seyrig) at a health spa. Read More

In Theaters on January 30th, 2005

Two scientists have a psychic enter other's dreams to help them overcome their nightmares. Read More

Based on 23 critics

A math genius (Sean Gullette) seeks profundity on his computer. Read More

Based on 42 critics

A thief (Leonardo DiCaprio) steals people's secrets from their subconscious while they dream. Read More

Pink Floyds The Wall
In Theaters on May 19th, 1992

A burned-out rocker (Bob Geldof) recalls events that shaped him. Read More

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