Two of Hollywood's higher-profile films are reportedly on hold due to the fact that the movies aren't good enough to make. These are unofficial reports, of course, since no studio is going to admit openly that their big-budget tentpole film doesn't have what it takes to go in front of the cameras just yet, but word has it that both 'Men in Black III' and 'The Man of Steel' (as Zack Snyder's Superman movie is tentatively called) have scripting problems that absolutely must be worked out before anyone goes in front of a camera (or, in the case of MIB3, back in front of the cameras).

As for 'MIB3,' the first phase of filming began last November, but that was only after a rumored creative disagreement between star Will Smith and the producers had already delayed the film about a month. However, during the film's planned production break, original screenwriter Etan Cohen ('Tropic Thunder') was replaced by Jeff Nathanson ('Catch Me If You Can') in order to punch up the film's second half involving time travel to 1969. Filming had been scheduled to resume around mid-February, but now it's been pushed back again in order to accommodate a new draft of the script.

Despite the delays, however, Sony still feels they've got plenty of time to complete the 3D extravaganza, as they're not backing down from a May 2012 release date. 'The Man of Steel''s delays, on the other hand, could have a huge impact on the film seeing the light of day.
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