Hit movie theaters in North America, and you're greeted with a cornucopia of amazing food. You can get stale nachos, super-sized watery fountain drinks, hotdogs that have been cooking for 10 hours and, of course, the ubiquitous popcorn. This popcorn is so rich, in fact, that it just might have the fat of twelve hamburgers.

Travel internationally, however, as Woman's Day points out, and the movie-theater popcorn, chips and hotdogs begin to fade away. Perhaps the sardine rice crackers of Japan, or the dried cuttlefish of Korea wouldn't go over well stateside when folks sit down to watch the next group of X-Men. But what about beluga caviar served to the VIP seats in Russia (sure beats the Toronto VIP theaters that offer wait service for popcorn), samosas and chaat, fish cakes with beer, dried reindeer, sugared popcorn or red wine?
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