Though he has yet to prove he can successfully open a film without the help of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, apparently that means squat when you have as large a fanbase as Taylor Lautner currently has thanks to the 'Twilight' series. The young actor has been lining up roles left and right, leaning a lot more toward big action blockbusters versus the smaller indie stuff Pattinson and Stewart have been taking on in between vampire installments. And now Lautner wants to kick it up a notch by joining forces with Michael Bay on a mysterious action film that folks are calling "'Mr. and Mrs. Smith' meets 'Wanted,'" according to Deadline.

There's no word on whether Bay -- who arrives in theaters this summer with his third 'Transformers' movie, 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' -- will direct the project himself, or if he'll just be producing through his Platinum Dunes. All we know right now is that the duo sent out the script to all the Hollywood studios, and we'll see who takes the biggest bite.

This whole Lautner situation is a strange one, especially considering the fact that the kid is currently the highest-paid teenage actor working in Hollywood and he hasn't even headlined a film yet (we'll have to wait till 'Abduction' hits on September 23rd to see what he's really worth).

Is Taylor Lautner really the next big thing, or are people overestimating the 'Twilight' fanbase? Thoughts?
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