The Variety report seems hesitant to break out the "H"-word, but we'll do it: filmmakers Richard Kelly ('Donnie Darko') and Eli Roth ('Hostel') are teaming up for a (gasp) horror film called 'Corpus Christi,' and already, based only on those names, we're pretty darn intrigued. Described as a "contemporary thriller" (hehe), the film will follow a "mentally unstable Iraq war veteran ... who forges a strange friendship with his boss ... the wealthy and politically ambitious owner of a supermarket chain."

The early plot synopsis is nice and vague, just the way a good ol' contemporary thriller should be described. Mr. Kelly will write and direct, and Mr. Roth will produce, alongside Kelly's partner, Sean McKittrick. No casting to announce just yet, but Big V indicates that the filmmakers plan to get rolling within the next few weeks. They also mention (more than once) that 'Corpus Christi' will be a departure of normalcy for Mr. Kelly. I think what they mean is that it won't be all weird like 'Southland Tales.' As if that was going to happen.

More on what sounds like a "two indie genre guys tackle a creepy Coen-ish story" as soon as we get it.
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