Prior to 2010, David O. Russell made four interesting, unique, and memorable films – 'Spanking the Monkey,' 'Flirting With Disaster,' 'Three Kings,' and 'I Heart Huckabees.' But until 'The Fighter' was released last December, the filmmaker had unfortunately become most strongly identified with a series of on-set confrontations with cast and crew members, not only overshadowing his considerable artistic achievements, but jeopardizing future opportunities to create more of them (artistic achievements, that is). But two months, seven Oscars and $86 million in box office receipts later, Russell is deservedly back in the position of talking less about his personal track record than his professional trajectory, which will soon include an adaptation of the video game 'Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.'

Moviefone caught up with Russell via telephone last week to discuss 'The Fighter,' and how it helped redeem not only his career, but his creative confidence. In addition to addressing the ways in which the film repaired his reputation, he revealed some of the specifics that helped him key into its characters and story, and offered some observations about what 'The Fighter' taught him that he's taking with him onto 'Uncharted.'