The film hasn't even gone into production yet and there's still a lot of additional characters to cast, but Warner Bros. is wasting no time in letting us know that Zack Snyder's 'Superman' movie is running at full steam ahead by releasing the first image of Henry Cavill as Superman on the cover of the latest Entertainment Weekly issue.

Granted, Cavill isn't donning the classic tights or anything like that just yet, but he's clean-cut, looking good and sporting the iconic "S" on his chest. Those who doubted the choice before should see why Cavill was cast as the new Man of Steel. Unlike Brandon Routh, who felt more boyish as Superman, Cavill -- with his chiseled good looks and heroic demeanor -- should fit Supes like a comfy glove. He may not be Christopher Reeve, but he's a guy we're more than willing to watch suit up and save the day.

Speaking to the magazine about choosing Cavill, director Zack Snyder said, "Other actors put that suit on and it's a joke, even if they're great actors. Henry put it on, and he exuded this kind of crazy-calm confidence that just made me go, 'Wow. Okay, this is Superman.'"

Check out a larger image of the cover after the jump, and read the full story over at Entertainment Weekly. What say you Superman fans?
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