With today's technology, it's possible to put anything on the big screen. But there's a sizeable difference between putting something on the big screen and actually pulling it off. Sure, with CGI enhancements anything can be done, but computers -- 'Jeopardy!' champions though they may be -- still can't trump the awe of seeing a flesh-and-blood human partake in a larger-than-life stunt. That's where people like Johnny Martin come in.

Martin, a stuntman, stunt coordinator and second unit director for over 20 years now, recently sat down with Cinematical to talk about his latest attempt to make the impossible possible: 'Drive Angry 3D,' the Patrick Lussier–directed, Nicolas Cage–starring car movie about a man who breaks out of hell to kick the you-know-what of the man who killed his daughter. We spoke about the challenges faced when making the world's first 3D car movie, the film's craziest stunt and if there even is such a thing as a stunt that's too dangerous to perform.
Drive Angry
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A brutal felon (Nicolas Cage) escapes from hell to save his grandchild from bloodthirsty cultists. Read More