In case you haven't noticed, the new 'At the Movies' with Christy Lemire and Ignatiy Vishnevetsky has been running strong for a few weeks now on public television. Thanks to the wonders of that handy little world known as the Internet, we've not only got online clips from the new incarnation of Roger Ebert's classic program, but also the original installments -- dating back 36 years to its very first broadcast on Chicago public television in 1975, when it was called 'Opening Soon.'

As originally envisioned, the show was a "news magazine about movies" where Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel sat down to discuss and review films. As the years progressed, Siskel and Ebert's thumbs became synonymous with film criticism, with the pair not only showcasing the benefits of a critique, but also the validity of differing viewpoints (not to mention Ebert earning a Pulitzer Prize for his work).

Now, after the abysmal Ben and Ben world, Ebert has taken the show back to its roots on public television in a new format -- one that's miles ahead of the co-opted, Ebert-free version, but could be all the stronger with a little old-school flavor.

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