Sure, you've heard that Daniel Day-Lewis is going to play Abraham Lincoln for Steven Spielberg and that there's a movie called 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' coming down the pike. But move over, Honest Abe, you're not the only presidential prospect on the nation's movie marquees.

Get ready for Leonardo DiCaprio as 'Rough Rider' Teddy Roosevelt and not one but two thrillers about the bootleg-and-bribery-era Warren G. Harding. Not to mention the great debate about who could play Ronald Reagan and a much-anticipated cameo from an ex-pres in 'The Hangover 2.'

With Presidents' Day right around the corner, we did our patriotic duty and boned up on all things presidential, a topic that oddly also involves magicians, the undead and one night in Bangkok. (Sadly, not all in the same film.)

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