You're the star of the surprise hit of the year. That surprise hit is a film by the unnaturally wonderful team of Joel and Ethan Coen. You're an Oscar-nominee, considered a front-runner in a race that includes established talent like Melissa Leo, Helena Bonham Carter and Amy Adams. You are also 14-years-old and 'True Grit' is your feature film debut. You are Hailee Steinfeld and you must feel like you're on top of the friggin' world right now.

Paramount, seeing a potentially huge star on the rise, seems eager to stay in the Hailee Steinfeld business. Deadline reports that the studio has just obtained the rights to 'Forgotten,' a novel that will be hitting shelves this summer, and plans to build a film adaptation as a star vehicle for Steinfeld.

She can't even drive yet and a multi-billion dollar company like Paramount is planning major film productions specifically for her? Some things just make you want to change your personal definition of "success."
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