-- Cameron Romero -- yes, zombie maestro George A. Romero's son -- has a new film on the horizon, 'Radical.' Three American press members are held captive by an arrogant, techno-savvy terrorist who is targeting the US government. Tom Sizemore stars. Romero told Dread Central, "when the uprising in Egypt started, a light bulb went off," and the real horrors happening around the world became the inspiration for his new film. 'Radical' is set for a March release and has a brand new one-sheet.

-- Girly Korean pop stars battle a curse during the making of their newest single. Bloody-Disgusting has all the latest images from 'White.'

-- Arrow Video always does a bang-up job on their DVD releases, and their first multi-film box set from Brian Yuzna's Fantastic Factory is loaded with a smorgasbord of zombies, demons, spiders, werewolves and other goodies. The movies included are: 'Beyond Re-Animator,' 'Faust: Love of the Dead,' 'Romasanta' and 'Arachnid.' Pay Jeffrey Combs and the gang another visit on April 18th.
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