Neil Breen is a Las Vegas real estate agent who plays a messianic alien in his latest movie, 'I Am Here .... Now.' The actor, writer, director and sometimes caterer has created his latest indie feature, and the trailer -- which features lightning effects and dolphins -- is not to be missed. We didn't think it was possible to top the awesome WTF-ness of 'Enthiran,' but Breen's movie is a serious contender.

'I Am Here .... Now' (note the four ellipses -- very important) is being called a supernatural thriller that "challenges the human species relationships to social revolution, political revolution, animal rights, green renewable energy, religion, revelations and the human species' place in the universe." In case you couldn't tell by the men in business suits being crucified, none of the metaphors are subtle.

The special effects are pretty embarrassing. The dirty-talking babes and alien combination is reminiscent of some kind of Raëlian thing. Breen plays the big daddy space cadet/godhead figure who is sick of the greed and corruption humans are spreading. Apparently there's a "stunning dramatic conclusion," which may or may not reveal that Breen's mask is a dollar-store version of a 'Planet of the Apes' costume -- because that would just make everything perfect.

If you dig the cheese of 'Birdemic' and can appreciate the weirdness of outsider sci-fi, check out the trailer after the jump. The film screens tomorrow at L.A.'s Cinefamily where Breen will be present for a Q&A. That's an event you won't want to miss.